Switching to rescue mode

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Rescue mode

General principle

When the customer crisis unit identifies the need to activate the rescue mode, the accredited personnel reaches Nuabee with the following informations.

People belonging to the accredited personnel are mentioned in the DR dashboard.

They can alert Nuabee to

  • Prepare for a possible rescue mode and an ulterior DR if the situation is not yet defined fully.
  • Immediately trigger the DR and engage rescue mode.

They also can specify a compete or partial perimeter that would need to be activated.

Once confirmation is acknowledged, Nuabee activates the DR process.

Contacting Nuabee

During opening hours (9am-7pm , Monday to Friday)

The two main means of contact are

  1. The operation at nuabee dot fr main email
  2. The operation team main phone line +33 4 28 29 79 01

Outside opening hours

Through your hotline number specified in your DR dashboard.

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