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1 == Definitions ==
3 |(% style="text-align:center" %)RTO|(((
4 The **Recovery Time Objective** is the maximum amount of delay that a company deems acceptable in case of disaster and before which the service must be restored.
6 This duration is usually specified in hours or minutes.
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8 |(% style="text-align:center" %)RPO|(((
9 The **Recovery point objective **specifies the amount of work that can be lost in case of a disaster, it is the baseline to define your backup policy by expressing the maximum time that can pass between two backups.
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11 |DRP|A **Disaster Recovery Plan** must enable a proper business activity recovery (servers, apps, telecommunications) after either a complete or partial disaster having destroyed the protected part of the business.
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14 [[image:PRA Frise.png]]
16 == Managing RPOs and RTOs in the Nuabee DR Dashboard ==
18 You can monitor your KPIs like RTOs and RPOs of you infrastructure in the DR perimeter through the Nuabee DR Dashboard.
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