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Initial Cloud Seeding

In the case that a customer needs to backup a large amount of data and for some reason, it's internet uplink could not allow it in a reasonable timeframe, Nuabee provides a preconfigured NAS for an initial local backup.

This NAS is then moved back through postal services to our headquarters / PoPs to upload the data to the cloud through fiber optic uplinks.

Every Nuaball is uniquely identifiable through it's serial number (*ID*)

Main behavior



To access the network share, connect the Nuaball though it's LAN interface to your network on a DHCP enabled network.

The NAS will then connect to it automatically once booted up and expose your share.

Please make sure the NAS stays online during the backups.

Once you have finished with backing up your data, and after double checking that the share is not in use, you may shutdhown the NAS through it's main powerbutton by pressing once on it.

Connecting Nuabee Backup to your Nuaball

Your Nuaball share crendentials are communicated separately from the Nuabulle itself.

These credentials will allow for CIFS connectivity that you can specify in Nuabee Backup GUI, option "Add accounts"


The share can usually be reached through the following path

  • nuabulle*ID*\Nuabee_Backup (eg nuabulle7010\Nuabee_Backup)
  • Then select change credentials and enter the ones you received here.

Pressing the TEST button allows you to verify that connectivity to the Nuaball is working and your credentials are correct.

Backing up data on the Nuaball

You simply have to create a Local backup plan with the Nuaball share as the destination and follow the usual backup procedure.

Sending your Nuaball back for upload

The return address is the following, make sure to package it properly (you should be able to reuse the package used for the incoming Nuaball) :

76 rue Denfert Rochereau
69004 Lyon - France

Telephone : +33 (0)4 28 29 79 01