Network settings

Last modified by Pierre-Jean Gineste on 31 - 01 - 2022

Nuabee Backup : TCP port configuration

This article applies to the Nuabee Backup Windows, Linux, Mac OS X version.  

Nuabee Backup managed backup service requires some OS-level and firewall configurations.

Consider the following points when setting up Nuabee Backup software :


TCP Ports needed

  • 443 and 80

always prefer URL authorization filtering rather than IP address filtering for storage destinations.

URLs and IPs to whitelist

    • exemples

For Flexible Engine

  • by default :
  • The URLs of the storage clusters are :
    • (France) : this is the destination to use by default
    • (Netherlands)
  • IP addresses may change, if you can't whitelist urls (in an extreme case), the clusters currently referenced are :
      • Be careful by using these addresses, it is possible that in case of evolution of this list, some of your backups no longer occur.
  • For Linux backups (rear), ou must also allow connections to IP (

In addition, in order to allow the update of the software, the following endpoint is necessary 

Version related connectivity to allow

VMWare backup

  • TCP / UDP ports 992 and 902 to all the ESX Servers as well as the Vcenter