Disaster Recovery Architecture

Last modified by Equipe Opération on 08 - 11 - 2018

Nuabee Disaster Recovery as a Service solution design


Nuabee DRaaS global solution is composed of 3 parts :

  • A backup software for diverse environments
  • An automated server restore engine and disaster recovery setup
  • A hardware and / or software gateway to enable customers to connect their fallback site to the recovered servers

Backup software

Nuabee uses different technologies to cover a wide range of DR needs :

  • Image Backup (Windows & Linux) :  Enables to backup an entire backup with a single and simple operation
  • File Backup (Windows & Linux) : Allows for fine grained living data backup such as desktop spaces and versionned files.
  • Microsoft MSSQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • ...

Disaster Recovery automation engine

Disaster Recovery modelBase de données.png

A database containing all the customer's informations about the DR describes the perimeter and procedures applied to it :

  • Servers
    • Caracteristics
      • Disks
      • Ports
    • Use
    • les ports
  • Networks
  • Accredited personnel
  • ... etc

All of these informations are Handled by Nuabee and regularly reviewed by the DR piloting committee.

Disaster Recovery launcher

This Disaster Recovery Launcher enables the DR engine to execute

  • Complete or partial DR
  • Server recovery tests


This launcher is managed by Nuabee

Nuabee Cloud Access appliance

This appliance enables users to connect to their recovered servers from the fallback location (s).

It plays the role of VPN, DHCP Server and DNS Forwarder and Nuabee Operation team remotely administers it.