Technical information gathering about the infrastructure

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During the project setup (DR or backup) and prior to the technical database building, Nuabee needs some technical informations on the servers that belong to the project's scope. This enables us to automate the data recovery process.

These informations are purely technical and no sensitive informations are processed.

Informations gathered

  • Hostname
  • OS Type and version
  • Boot type (EFI / Legacy)
  • CPU Cores, RAM Amount
  • NIC names, IPs
  • Hard drives, mountpoints and sizes.

Nuabee provides scripts (Windows and Linux) to easily gather and send these informations through our APIs so they can easily be structured and inserted into our database.

The windows script is available HERE and for linux THERE

Windows instructions

Once you downloaded the script on your machine

  1. Open an administrator POWERSHELL command prompt
  2. Move to the appropriate folder using the cd "mydownloadpath"
  3. launch the script with "./discovery.ps1"

In a few seconds, the script result is displayed on the screen and sent to our API.

Capture d'écran de la commande

Linux instructions

Identical instructions to the windows version

  1. Open a super user terminal or trigger the script with sudo
  2. Launch the script with it's own bash process (bash

Infomations gathered will be here too displayed and sent to our API.

Capture du 2018-11-20 11-47-14.png

In case of failure

In the case of connection failure to our API, you can simply copy and paste the informations to a file and send it to your Nuabee operation team.

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