Disaster Recovery Dashboard

Last modified by Equipe Opération on 09 - 11 - 2018

Disaster Recovery Dashboard


In addition to the Nuabee Backup dashboard (that enables to monitor and manipulate the backup, restore and client options), we offer a Disaster Recovery monitoring dashboard enabling a synthesis of data and display of higher level informations.

This dashboard enables

  • Monitoring of servers covered by the DR perimeter
    • Through RPO monitoring by server
  • Complete list of the Nuabee covered perimeter (including on top of the DR the recovery tests and simple backups)
  • Storage space usage with history graph
    • By server
    • By site
  • Accredited personal for launching the DR plan and their contact informations.

Connexion au Dashboard du PRA

Your initial login identifier will be transmitted to you by Nuabee


You'll then be able to change the received password in your user profile.


Main dashboard options

They are located in the top navigation bar


In the GENERAL panel, you will find :

  • Number of servers covered by each type of coverage and by operating system familly
    • In case of a multiple site configuration, you can display these informations site by site by selecting it in the top right dropdown menu.
  • A synthesis of the disaster recovery coverage and compliance level
  • La vision de la synthèse des plans de sauvegarde du PRA
  • Cloud object storage usage with storage class separation


Server informations

You have access to 3 sub-panels from the SERVEUR option.

Covered servers informations synthesis

Here you can see the catalog of servers we reference and to which type of coverage each of them are subscribed to and others caracteristics such as:

  • RPO
  • RTO
  • Specific procedure requirement
    • This links to an external document detailing the steps needed to be done to recover properly this server if more than a simple recovery is necessary
  • Server registration date from Nuabee's side
  • OS Familly
  • A comment about the server
    • Usually describes the server's role.


Backup Synthesis

This part enables you to monitor for each server the following metrics 

  • Backup Recovery Point Objective strict compliance when it is covered by the DR plan.
  • Outside DR plan
    • If the last successful backup dates more than 2 backup cycles, the server will be displayed as warning.
    • In case it dates more than 3 cycles, it will be displayed as error.


Unitary recovery tests

Every server that has been recovered at least once appears in this dashboard with the following data available :

  • Server name
  • Server mount points numbers
  • Last test date
  • Test duration
  • Link to the test report


Pour chaque test, un rapport est généré automatique


Synthèse des tests de PRA

Lors d'un test de PRA , un rapport est généré automatiquement


Pour chaque test de PRA, un rapport de test de PRA est disponible


Le ticket manuel intègre le rapport de test de PRA.

La gestion de l’espace de stockage

Stockage par serveur

Une vision de stockage objet utilisé par serveur est fournie ainsi que le stockage total du conteneur (espace de stockage).

Il est possible quand vous utilisez plusieurs fournisseurs de stockage de filtrer par fournisseur.


Historique de la consommation de votre stockage

Avec les différents types de stockage, vous pouvez suivre l'évolution de votre stockage par site.